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Fair use policy. Unlimited emergency use and Excessive use.

What is *Unlimited emergency use?
We have a Fair use policy that applies to your use of the LiveLife Mobile Alarm. It designed to be used for help in an ‘emergency’ situation and not like an everyday communication device like a mobile phone.

Definition of an emergency
We define an ‘emergency’ in the commonly understood sense:
A serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action to be taken.

Why do we have to have a fair use policy?
Implementing this policy allows us to keep providing all our wearers with unlimited use. It means we can predict the usage of all our customers and keep the costs of using the Telstra Mobile Network affordable.

How do we measure excessive use?
We allocate a fair and adequate amount of credit for voice and outgoing text messages from your device. This is based on average emergency usage patterns across thousands of Australian users of the LiveLife Mobile Alarm. Voice and text usage for every device is monitored by LiveLife Alarms. Users using the device’s ‘Side talk button’ or the ‘Location text function’ heavily will be contacted to discuss usage options.

Options for excessive use
So we can afford to keep providing unlimited use to all users we reserve the right to to monitor your usage and alert you to excessive use. We will contact you if we believe you are using the device excessively or not in a way it was designed for. We receive usage alerts that provide us with data on the number of texts sent from a device and the quantity and length of voice calls made from the device in a given period.

If you wish to continue to use the ‘Side talk button’ and/or the ‘Location text function’ frequently outside of emergency situations we can discuss with you usage options such as:

  • Migrate the installed SIM card into your name so you are billed by Telstra for your own usage of voice calls and text messages.
  • Deactivate the Telstra SIM card and have you install your own SIM card. (Must be a SIM card that uses that the Telstra Network)

If you have any questions on this policy please call us on 1800 936 774 or email us: 365@livelifealarms.com.au