LiveLife Alarms 2020 Rewards program for existing customers

Spread the word and be Rewarded!
If you are happy with your LiveLife Mobile Alarm then why not spread the word and be rewarded for it? By referring a friend or family member to the Live Life mobile alarm you’re making a real difference in their safety and quality of life.

For each person you tell who then purchases you’ll receive a $50 VISA gift card. Your VISA gift card is just like cash. You can spend it online, over the phone or anywhere VISA is accepted. There is no limit to how many VISA gift cards an individual member of the public can claim. So go ahead and spread the word and when a family member or friend purchases call us on 1800 936 774 or email us here at: rewards@livelifealarms.com.au to receive your reward.

How it works
To be an ‘eligible referrer’ you must have purchased an alarm previously from us. You must also be able to quote a name and/or an order number of your original order and the new customer’s order number that you referred to us.

Terms and conditions of the Rewards program
The Rewards VISA gift card only applies to referral orders where the new customer has purchased at the advertised price on our website. Rewards do not apply to new orders that have had any volume discount applied to the purchase price. The Rewards VISA gift card will be sent to you 21 days after the referred purchaser has paid in full and no refunds have been issued on the original order and/or referred order.

This promotion is designed for members of the public. Allied health professionals and care organisations are not eligible.