Upgrade from Aldi Mobile to TELSTRA Package


Get *unlimited emergency use for 365 days.

Existing Customers with an Aldi Mobile account can now upgrade!
If purchased your LiveLife Mobile Alarm from us prior to December 2017 we would most likely have supplied your device with a prepaid SIM card from Aldi Mobile along with information about your Aldi account. While being the best option at the time LiveLife Alarms is always searching for ways to improve our product and service. So we came up with our *Unlimited emergency use plan on the Telstra Mobile network. Customers with existing Aldi Mobile accounts can now upgrade. Once you upgrade there is no need to worry about running out of credit ever again! The upgrade package includes many benefits.



How to upgrade
Order your Upgrade package here or call us on 1800 936 774 to order. To upgrade we need to install the new SIM card in your device. So we’ll send you out a prepaid satchel for you to post your device to us. While we have your device not only will we upgrade your SIM card we’ll also perform a test of its functions, upgrade the software, install a new battery and give you a brand new case. Please allow 3-5 business days to complete the upgrade.